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At Seal Energy Solutions, we believe energy efficiency is a powerful tool to save money, increase comfort, and provide value that lasts.

The SEAL team takes a holistic approach to our clients’ homes and businesses. Serving home and business owners across Arkansas, our goal is to make your space healthier, more comfortable, and more energy efficient by completing strategic improvements that return your money back to you and lower your utility bills.

Whether it is a home, small business, or industrial project, we will assist you in making informed energy decisions and tailor your energy solutions to your priorities.

Energy Solutions for Arkansas

SEAL is an energy solutions firm. That is who we are and what we do. Our goal is to bring together the latest technology, a highly trained staff, and a list of services that includes energy assessments, energy retrofits, HVAC services, lighting, compressed air, solar, combustion safety, and air quality to a client’s space, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

It’s simple. Our mission is to save you money by providing energy solutions.

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The SEAL Team is endlessly curious about all your comfort and energy needs. We take pride in giving you an experience that not only improves your environment but helps guide you toward continually increasing your home's energy efficiency.

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SEAL offers energy assessment and retrofitting services for all types of commercial structures. We will work with local utilities to apply available incentives and limit your out-of-pocket costs.

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With professional backgrounds ranging from architecture and energy to construction and finance our firm is confident that there is no energy solution we cannot provide.

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From The

Think Tank

At our core we are a group of energy nerds learning new things everyday. The Think Tank is our place to explore and share our findings with you.
Installing Solar for Habitat for Humanity

At Seal Energy Solutions, we’re passionate about energy efficiency and wanted to expand our offering even further. That’s why in late 2014 we entered the renewable energy market with solar. Our solutions have helped homeowners and businesses across Arkansas lower their monthly energy bills, returning more of their hard-earned money back into their pocket.

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Net Metering Developments—Why Now is the Time to Go Solar

At Seal Energy Solutions, we believe that solar energy is one of the most beneficial home upgrades that Arkansas homeowners can make. Now, new developments in net metering have created an even kinder atmosphere for solar, and there’s no better time to get involved.

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You Can Have Renewable Energy for Less than $3 a Day!

Just like computers, the technology involved in manufacturing and producing efficient solar panels has advanced exponentially over the years. Back in the day, only the most prosperous and affluent individuals and organizations had a computer. Today, most people essentially carry one around in their pocket.

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  • Ricky Holmes
    “From the start with client care in the office to the energy consultant, who came to my home who was very informative, to the crews retrofitting my home now - everyone has been just wonderful and helpful. I so appreciate all the help and work horses you have out here. You all are just wonderful.”
  • Mrs. Butler
    “I had the best experience with your company. Caleb was so nice and did such a great job, him and his buddy. We really enjoyed their work and they were so neat and clean and careful.”
  • The O’ Donovans
    “I want to let all of you know we really appreciated the two crews working so timely and late hours to complete our project. Please share with your field crew and office.”
  • Gloria Kane
    Hot Springs Village, Energy Assessment and Retrofit Customer
    ““They are awesome young men. Very professional. Extremely courteous. Meticulous in cleaning up after themselves and made me feel very comfortable with the process. Just really really superior.””
  • Clay Mercer
    Little Rock, Energy Assessment and Retrofit Customer
    “"You don't know what you don't know . . . especially when it comes to the air you breath. We had lived in our home for 10 years before we retained the SEAL team to retrofit our turn of the century home. Within 24 hours, it became evident that the air circulating in our home was cleaner and healthier - less dust on furniture and fewer allergy induced sneezing attacks."”
  • Margaret Ellibee
    Little Rock, Energy Assessment and Retrofit Customer
    “The SEAL Team did a truly professional job of performing an energy assessment and energy retrofit on my home. It’s made such a positive difference in my home's temperature control and what I pay on my energy bill.”
  • Allen Engstrom
    Little Rock, SEAL HVAC Customer
    “Several other companies looked at our setup and I never felt comfortable...they seemed more interested in making money rather than trying to get us the best value based on our needs and priorities. However, from the beginning the [SEAL] team's professionalism and expertise impressed me. I quickly gained a sense of trust that they were advisors for me, which, as a person who is not an expert in HVAC systems, was exactly what I needed. They listened to me and came up with the best solution, so I didn't feel like I needed to become an expert myself or have the anxiety that I was being ripped off. If you don't care about spending thousands too much on you HVAC systems, then SEAL isn't the right fit for you. Otherwise you owe it to yourself to at least call them.”