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Help, My Air Conditioner Isn’t Working! 4 Things to Check

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During the hot, humid Arkansas summer, air conditioning is important to keeping your home cool and comfortable. When it doesn’t work, you’re left feeling sticky, uncomfortable and irritated.

So what can you do to determine why your air conditioner isn’t working?

Reasons Your AC May Not Be Working

There are several reasons why your air conditioning unit may not be functioning properly. By doing a thorough examination yourself, you can help to determine and even resolve a few of these issues. Here are some areas you should check when you’re experiencing problems with your AC:

Check the Air Filter

The air filter in your air conditioner is important to ensuring it cools effectively. If it’s been quite some time since your filter was either cleaned or replaced, you need to take a look and potentially purchase a new one. A clogged, dirty filter can restrict airflow causing inefficient cooling and indoor air quality (IAQ) problems.

Check the Circuit Breakers

If your air conditioning unit isn’t working, you should check the circuit breaker in the breaker box, commonly referred to as the “fuse box.” Breaker switches can sometimes get tripped or even shut off by accident. Try to reset it.

Circuit breakers trip for safety reasons. If something happens with the circuit breaker again, this indicates a more serious issue that needs to be investigated by a professional.

Check the Vents

Vents deliver cool, conditioned air into your home. If they’re blocked, closed or otherwise obstructed, your home will stay unbearably warm. Locate your vents and investigate to determine whether cool air has entry points into your space.

Check the Thermostat

If your thermostat uses a battery, check that it’s adequately charged. Also inspect the thermostat for any dust or dirt. If you notice any buildup, remove the faceplate and use a can of compressed air to clean it.

Remember that frequently changing the temperature on your thermostat can cause the compressor in your air conditioning system to overheat and shut down. In order to avoid this, be patient once you set your desired temperature; it could take a few minutes for your system to turn on and begin cooling.

Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance

The easiest way to ensure you don’t experience any of these problems with your air conditioner is to have a professional conduct regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. Getting ahead of a breakdown is the best way to prevent costly repairs.

The benefits of routine maintenance are indisputable; you’ll be able to stay cool, increase your system’s energy efficiency and lifespan and reduce your energy bills, all while minimizing the chance you’ll need any expensive emergency repairs.

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance by SEAL Energy Solutions

Seal Energy Solutions provides air conditioning repairs, maintenance and installations. An AC that runs poorly could make your energy costs skyrocket in addition to making you uncomfortable through the remainder of the summer, so don’t wait to get your system repaired!

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