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Compressed Air Replacement & Repair

One of only a handful of compressed air contractors in Arkansas, SEAL is your local expert in replacements and repairs. If, after completing a compressed air leak audit, we uncover issues with your system, our team is equipped to handle the next step: unit repairs or replacement.


Need a new compressed air system?

We’ll help you upgrade to a high-efficiency model.


Professional Repair Services

Properly maintaining compressed air systems is key to a smooth and efficient operation. If left unmaintained, these systems can have a leak rate equivalent to up to 25% of the total air capacity of the unit. This can be monumentally wasteful, but at SEAL, we’ll help get your unit back in proper working order.

For problems with low pressure, water in the lines, low oil, elevated temperatures, and similar issues, we’ve got you covered. Drawing from our comprehensive audit report, we know which areas are at the root of your compressed air system’s problems. By pinpointing and fixing these areas, we’re able to effectively and efficiently repair the system.

Compressed Air System Replacements

For outdated compressed air systems or systems that require excessive repairs, the best route to take may be a replacement. By upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient model, our commercial and industrial customers can expect to save significantly on associated energy costs. Our team is sure to work with you to come up with a solution that will adequately meet the needs of your commercial or industrial space while being as cost-effective as possible.

The SEAL Difference

We know how time-sensitive compressed air system issues can be for our commercial and industrial customers, which is why our team is dedicated to prompt and thorough work. By being efficient and attentive in our work, we strive to eliminate the need for unnecessary (and costly) appointments for you. With years of experience in compressed air maintenance and replacement, you can be confident that our team is the right choice.

Contact us or call 844.376.7325 to schedule your compressed air replacement or repair appointment.