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Direct Install


Looking for a quick way to start saving energy? For our residential and commercial customers whose Arkansas utility company provides direct install programs, our team at Seal Energy Solutions will happily complete the direct installation.



Go energy efficient!

We’ll help you save on energy costs.


What is a Direct Install?

Direct install programs provide home and business owners with the opportunity to replace certain eligible products with energy-efficient alternatives at little or no cost. These programs are administered by several utility providers across Arkansas and Mississippi (Entergy-Arkansas, SWEPCO, Entergy-Mississippi). By providing high-efficiency alternatives to standard appliances and systems, direct install programs allow customers to reduce their energy bills and cut down on their environmental impact.


Working with Seal Energy Solutions

By partnering with your utility company, we can provide you with a variety of high-efficiency replacement products, including:


These strategic upgrades are guaranteed to decrease energy consumption and help you save on utility bills. Both our energy assessment and retrofit crew members are trained to perform direct installations. We’ll also work with your utility provider to make sure your direct install is completed properly.

Interested? Contact us to see if a direct install with Seal Energy Solutions is a possibility for your home or business.