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Energy Assessment


For the first time ever, you can make decisions armed with definitive and objective evidence, coupled with an eye-opening understanding of how your home or building works. This is a Seal Energy Solutions energy assessment, or a home energy assessment.



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Road Map

What is an Energy Assessment?

Energy assessments are diagnostic tests that uncover the areas of inefficiency in a building. These assessments provide an accurate picture of your Arkansas home or building’s performance and energy usage, taking out the guesswork and getting you on the path to money and energy savings and improved home comfort. Our assessments can also include an evaluation of your building’s indoor air quality, a key component to occupant safety. SEAL offers two classes of energy assessments for our residential and commercial customers:

SEAL’s “Clipboard” Energy Assessment

Our clipboard assessment is a great place to start evaluating your space’s energy efficiency. This assessment is an interior and exterior inspection of your space. Our professional energy consultants will take a close look at:


Our team will also conduct a health and safety inspection of gas leaks and combustion appliances, as well as an in-depth interview with you to discuss comfort issues and any specific concerns you have.

SEAL’s In-Depth Energy Assessment

Our more in-depth energy assessment options use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to pinpoint areas in your home that need efficiency upgrades. The tools we use include a blower door and duct blaster help us determine the specific needs of your building. Typical energy efficiency upgrades we suggest include air sealing, duct sealing, and insulation. If needed, we can use an infrared camera, and/or perform an indoor air quality evaluation that tests for mold and air with high VOC (volatile organic content) levels.


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Your Post-Assessment Report

Once your energy assessment is complete, we’ll present a detailed report to you that outlines the areas in need of improvement, the upgrades we suggest, and the predicted outcomes of the upgrades. Our team also uses energy modeling software that calculates applicable utility incentives, net cost of the upgrades, and predicted return on your investment.

Interested in boosting the efficiency of your Arkansas home or commercial space? Contact us today to schedule your energy assessment!