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Energy Assessments & Rebates

Energy Assessment programs in Arkansas are making homes more comfortable and lowering energy costs. As a home energy consultant and participating contractor, our team at SEAL is ready to help boost your home’s energy efficiency.


Start saving with Energy Assessment Programs!

SEAL will help you opt for clean energy.

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Making Arkansas Homes Efficiency Affordable

Ready to opt for clean energy? The best place for homeowners to start is with a home energy assessment.

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Home Energy Assessments

Utility programs will pay up to $300 for a professional energy assessment (which for most clients means a completely free assessment) completed by an approved provider (like SEAL). The program has two types of assessments: Tier One and Tier Two. In a Tier One Survey, we’ll complete a walk-through assessment of your home. Our team will help identify areas of inefficiency in your home. A Tier Two Assessment is more in-depth, and once completed, the utility program will provide incentive coupons for strategic energy upgrades.

Energy Rebates for Your Home

Your energy assessment will uncover areas of the home that need an energy efficiency upgrade. Utility programs offer energy rebates for energy improvements outlined by your assessment. These improvements can include:



Whiles energy assessment rebates do not cover 100% of the cost of the improvements, the incentives cover a percentage. How much the rebates cover depends on the results of the energy assessment and how much improvement your home requires. The SEAL team will always go over the ROI so that you will know the return on your investment BEFORE you move forward with the work.

Our team regularly works with clients across Arkansas. Get in touch with us to learn more about your incentive options and schedule your home energy assessment today!