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Energy Retrofit

After completing an energy audit for your home or building, the next step is to make the strategic energy efficiency upgrades outlined in the post-assessment report. Our retrofit team is here to make sure your upgrades are done correctly, in a way that maximizes energy savings for your Arkansas home or building.



Upgrade your building’s efficiency.

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Road Map

What is an Energy Retrofit?

Think of a retrofit as an energy-minded remodel. By taking the hard data from your energy assessment report, we are able to implement smart home improvements that will garner you significant return on investment. Our suite of energy saving improvements includes the following services:


Making these upgrades not only saves energy and money on utility bills, but also improves the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, improves your indoor air quality, increases property value, and boosts home comfort. What’s not to love?

The SEAL Retrofit Experience

As a team committed to education and the promotion of building efficiency, we explain the reasons behind the upgrades included in our retrofits. We make sure our clients understand the importance, value, and process behind energy efficient home improvements. Our goal is an experience, not just a transaction.


Seal Energy Solutions is a licensed, bonded, and insured contracting company. We use only the industry-approved methods and materials to air seal, duct seal, and insulate your home.

Our team is at the ready to upgrade your Arkansas or Western Mississippi home or building’s efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our process & to schedule a retrofit.