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Duct Sealing


Air duct sealing is an energy-saving service that we offer to all our Arkansas clients state-wide.  Unsealed ducts can leak between 30-40% of their air. To maximize heating and cooling system efficiency, it’s best to have properly-sealed air ducts.


Professional duct sealing services.

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Duct Sealing & Home Efficiency

Air ducts are used to carry heated or cooled (aka “conditioned) air from your heating or cooling system throughout your home. This “network” of ducts is often exposed to the outdoor air temperature in some places. If the ducts are leaking air, then your heating or cooling system needs to work overtime to compensate for the loss, making the process both inefficient and expensive.

By sealing your home’s ductwork, the burden on your heating and cooling units is lessened since they’re not working to make up for air loss. They, in turn, run more efficiently.

Added Benefits of Duct Sealing

The great benefits of air duct sealing don’t stop there. Other benefits of proper duct sealing include:

Lower Heating & Cooling Bills

Since your systems don’t have to work as hard, you can expect to save money on heating and cooling bills.

Boost Indoor Air Quality

Leaky air ducts can draw in and circulate contaminants from crawlspaces and the outdoor air. These contaminants, which can include things like dust, mold, and even bugs, have the potential to create an unsafe indoor air environment. Reduce the infiltration of contaminants with duct sealing.

Improve Indoor Comfort

Duct sealing helps to stabilize indoor climate, mitigating constant and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations.

Start with an Energy Assessment

Curious if your ductwork is leaky? Start by scheduling a professional energy assessment with the team at SEAL. We’ll uncover any inefficiencies in your Arkansas home, pinpointing the areas and systems that could use an upgrade. From there, we’ll be able to make strategic upgrades designed to save you energy and money.

Stop your ductwork from costing you more than necessary. Get in touch with us to schedule your duct sealing appointment!