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Installing Solar for Habitat for Humanity

seal energy solutions partners with habitat for humanity for solar installation At Seal Energy Solutions, we’re passionate about energy efficiency and wanted to expand our offering even further. That’s why in late 2014 we entered the renewable energy market with solar. Our solutions have helped homeowners and businesses across Arkansas lower their monthly energy bills, returning more of their hard-earned money back into their pocket.

Accessible Solar

Solar is a reliable energy source that is affordable. Most homes in Arkansas were built without energy efficiency technology and measures, meaning that their owners pay more in utilities each month than the average home. We consider any homeowner that pays more than $0.10 per square foot on their monthly electrical bill to be living in an inefficient home. Unfortunately, many of the homes we work with pay as much as $1.00 per square foot. Imagine living in a 900 square foot home and paying around $900 per month just for utilities!

Seal Energy Solutions can help!

Solar can help you lower your monthly expenses significantly, and with additional energy efficiency improvements, you’ll be able to save even more. The old arguments against solar no longer apply — solar panels are durable, attractive, have a 25-year warranty,anda 30% federal tax credit. All of these benefits coupled with incredible financing options makes them an accessible solution for everyone.

Are you a business owner? Then you have the additional benefit of accelerated depreciation to be weighed in the cost benefits of bringing solar to your business.

SEAL Working with Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas

Habitat for Humanity has always been focused on building homes to help individuals and families get into their first new home. Today, they are harnessing new technologies to build energy efficient homes. Seal Energy Solutions was honored to partner with them on their first ever solar install on one of their homes in Arkansas. It demonstrates that solar truly is for everyone.

The team at SEAL installed a 1.08 kW three-panel solar system on the roof of a completed 700 square foot home in just over three hours. The panels come with a 25-year warranty and have helped the new homeowner, Raymond, lock in his utility rates for the next couple decades due to a recent ruling by the Arkansas Public Service Commission, so that he can now enjoy lower monthly energy expenses.