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Lighting Retrofit

A lighting retrofit is one of the quickest ways to save energy and money on your utility bills. But just because it has a strong ROI doesn’t mean it’s easy. That’s where we come in.

Different types of light bulbs and their efficiency



Boost your lighting efficiency!

Learn why a lighting retrofit is a bright idea.


What is a Lighting Retrofit?

A lighting retrofit upgrades the lighting in your space for optimal efficiency. Typical services include swapping current lighting fixtures with more energy efficient models, retrofitting current fixtures (including internal lighting components) with energy saving alternatives (including CFL light bulbs), and even adding controls to current lighting systems to facilitate light conservation.

Benefits of a Proper Lighting Retrofit

Conducting a proper lighting retrofit has several benefits, including:



The Seal Energy Solutions Lighting Team

At Seal Energy Solutions, we have a team of lighting experts that will help you design a new lighting system that works for your home or building. Our professionals work with you to analyze potential savings, incorporate available rebates and incentives, and install your energy efficient lighting. We have experience in retrofitting a variety of property types, and will be sure to find a custom solution that works for your Arkansas home or building.


Note for Entergy Customers: “Incentives for T12 lighting upgrades will decrease by more than 50 percent in 2016. Contact us today to learn how a T12 retrofit can benefit your organization and how you can claim the maximum incentive.” (Entergy Solutions Fact Sheet: The T12 Phaseout).

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