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The Think Tank

Ahhhh...finally a place for energy nerds to play.

The energy efficiency industry is growing at a rapid pace. There are new technologies and techniques discovered everyday.  We think it’s extremely interesting and would like to share our thoughts.

Installing Solar for Habitat for Humanity

At Seal Energy Solutions, we’re passionate about energy efficiency and wanted to expand our offering even further. That’s why in late 2014 we entered the renewable energy market with solar. Our solutions have helped homeowners and businesses across Arkansas lower their monthly energy bills, returning more of their hard-earned money back into their pocket. Accessible […]

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Net Metering Developments—Why Now is the Time to Go Solar

At Seal Energy Solutions, we believe that solar energy is one of the most beneficial home upgrades that Arkansas homeowners can make. Now, new developments in net metering have created an even kinder atmosphere for solar, and there’s no better time to get involved. Grandfathered Net Metering for Arkansas Solar Customers A March 8th decision […]

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You Can Have Renewable Energy for Less than $3 a Day!

Although solar panels may seem futuristic, complex and costly, they’re not. Just like computers, the technology involved in manufacturing and producing efficient solar panels has advanced exponentially over the years. Back in the day, only the most prosperous and affluent individuals and organizations had a computer. Today, most people essentially carry one around in their […]

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4 Steps to a Comfortable, More Affordable Home in 2017

The coming of a new year often brings with it a sense of motivation to get things done that have been sitting on the back burner for weeks, months or even years. Whether it be losing weight, quitting smoking or simply living a more connected, rewarding lifestyle, the new year is a time for change. […]

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7 Money and Energy Saving Tips for Winter

While most of us haven’t started worrying about the colder temperatures that are on their way to Little Rock, there’s no doubt that the chilly weather will be here soon. Now is the perfect time of year to ensure that you’re ready to take on the winter weather, and there’s plenty that can be done […]

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Common Signs Your Furnace Might Not Make it Through the Winter

  For Little Rock homeowners, the onset of fall means taking the time to slow down and prepare for the winter months that are ahead. This can be in the form of boosting air sealing and insulation, but it’s often necessary to also take a close look at the current health of your furnace. It’s not […]

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Should I Remove Old Attic Insulation Before Adding New Insulating Materials?

Insulation is without a doubt one of the most important factors in home efficiency and comfort. This is especially true in the Little Rock area, as many homeowners are placing focus on installing new, high-performance insulation to create a more comfortable home environment and reduce their energy bills. One question that often comes up is […]

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Why Are My Utility Bills Suddenly So High?

With the sweltering, humid summer here in Arkansas, it’s to be expected that your utility bills may be a bit higher as your air conditioning unit runs at full blast. If, however, you’ve noticed an exceptionally large spike in your bills compared to those in years past, a bigger issue may be at hand. The […]

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Help, My Air Conditioner Isn’t Working! 4 Things to Check

During the hot, humid Arkansas summer, air conditioning is important to keeping your home cool and comfortable. When it doesn’t work, you’re left feeling sticky, uncomfortable and irritated. So what can you do to determine why your air conditioner isn’t working? Reasons Your AC May Not Be Working There are several reasons why your air […]

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SEAL’s Approach to Solar

Chances are you’ve driven around Arkansas in the past few years and have noticed a marked increase in the presence of rooftop solar panels. While solar adoption is growing in Arkansas, it’s not nearly as common and popular as it is in states such as California. Many homeowners even believe that solar is out of […]

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Insulation…In the Summer?

Ask most homeowners in the Little Rock area what comes to mind when they hear the word “insulation,” and chances are they’ll mention something along the lines of “winter” or “cold weather.” Indeed, insulation (when combined with air sealing) is one of the most important home upgrades for keeping things warm when the temperatures drop, […]

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