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Because getting healthy can add comfort and save you a lot of cash.


Sealing Homes. Saving Energy.

By the end of 2014, SEAL had performed over 2200 energy assessments and over 2000 energy retrofits. SEAL also provides HVAC services including service, install, and high performance tune-ups.  The SEAL team takes a holistic approach to our client’s home; our goal is to make your home healthier, more comfortable, and in the end more energy efficient which returns our client’s money back to them with lower utility bills.

Energy Assessment

For the first time, you can make decisions armed with definitive and objective evidence, coupled with an eye-opening new understanding of how your home works.  This is an energy assessment.

Our clipboard assessment will consist of the following: an interior and exterior inspection covering structure type, heating and cooling system, water heater, insulation, air infiltration areas, and lighting; heath and safety inspection covering gas leaks and combustion appliances; and an in-depth customer interview discussing comfort issues and specific concerns.

Our more in-depth energy assessment options use diagnostic tools including blower door, duct blaster, and an infrared camera so that we can determine specific air sealing and duct sealing needs. If needed, we can perform indoor air quality test that test for actively growing mold and over 400 VOCs.

We then use energy modeling software to generate utility incentives that apply, client net cost, and the return on your investment.

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After your assessment, an energy retrofit is the next step. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor. We will use industry approved methods and materials to air seal, duct seal, and insulate your home. We will explain what and why we are doing each task during the retrofit. Our goal is an experience, not just a transaction.

Did you Know?

“Basic research from DOE uncovered that about 30-40 percent of the air traveling through ducts leaks. If they’re pulling air from a dirty crawlspace, that’s going to affect the indoor air quality. It introduces dust and bugs. It’s not just energy — it’s comfort and durability.”-www.achrnews.com

“Research has shown that up to 35% of the heat loss in a home can be attributed to air infiltration. -www.homerepair.about.com.

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Our HVAC team  provides an additional way to save energy and increase comfort in your home.

Seal’s highly-skilled technicians will provide efficient service with minimal downtime. We have built strong relationships with manufacturers of all major makes and models in order to sell and service every customer.

Our cleaning program will bring your air conditioner back to factory specifications by ensuring all parts of the system are cleaned properly, air flow is correctly calibrated to refrigeration, all safety controls are operating appropriately.

Seal Energy Solutions’ approach to caring for your home always means taking care of your existing equipment and maximizing your energy efficiency. If you’re looking for a HVAC service company you can trust, now is a great time to give Seal Energy Solutions a try.

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Direct Install

Looking for a quick way to start saving energy?

Our direct install experience consist of CFLs, low-flow showerheads, aerators, pipe insulation, water heater blankets, and smart strips. Both our assessment and retrofit crew members are trained to properly perform direct installations.

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